Session 2

We are born alone and we die alone

The more things stay the same, the more things change. I think that I have been taking my sister for granted. She has always been there for me though it all. We have different interests and likes, so we have stepped away, she went all CSI and I went mountain man. But I never thought she would stop being there for me. But I found out she went on a dangerous mission without Sir Robb or even telling me. She gets injured and does not reach out to me or even Sir Robb. When I do find out she would rather stay with strangers than be with us. Some things have changed. It is probably this place, so full of conspiracies and secrets.

Just the other day, I asked a simple request from the Castilian of the castle. I needed seamstress and one who is good at making sails, preferably one who is good with silk. Right away he tells me the BEST person is quite busy, so I requested the second best meet me in the next day. You would have thought it was done, but I saw that glimmer in his eyes. The “I know what your mean” look. Not more than few minutes go buy and cousin Merriam gives me the same conspiratorial speech when I described the Castilian’s behavior. Me I just shrugged. The next day, do I get what I asked for? Nope. I got another cousin talking to me about silk. I am starting to see that the problem is not the flying suit, which people are finding bizarre enough, it is the silk request. To test this theory, I asked Jordan to make inquiries of the staff about silk and to then tell them that he did not need any when the professed to not know where any could be found. Then at the end of the day count the number of follow ups he got. He flat out said he was too busy. I realized he was babysitting a dog, but seriously. Too busy to say a few words to random servants he passed during the course of the day. Clearly, silk means something special here. Well, I am far too disinterested to care.

The landscape of Amber is spectacular. It is brighter, crisper, and more “real”. Than anything I have experienced at home. I knew that if I did not get me suit working perfectly I could have a problem on the return trip from Kolvir. It kept calling to me, every waking moment. It mocked me. But I was not going to be mocked for long. I spent my days in the courtyard drawing a trump so that if all else failed; I would be able to return from the mountain with relative safety. Amazingly, there were no interruptions well other when Sir Robb came looking for my sister. I have spent a lot of time around Sir Robb over the years, but I never knew that he could project his feelings if you touched him. I mean normally, he just behaves like a big kitty cat, not so much a big predator cat. You tend to forget, well except when he yawns. You remember quickly when he yawns. He is quite intelligent, but incapable of speech. I asked him if he wanted to be able to speak. He gave me his version of cat disdain as if how dare I imply he was not perfect and just walked away. I could have done it. I have had this feeling for some time that my powers are improving. That the power of life rests in my hands. Oh well. Enough of that

I gathered my gear and prepare for my mountain trip. From here, the city, I can see the top of the mountain. I placed my mind to the task at hand and almost immediately, I felt unworthy and filled with doubt, that this mountain was too much for me. But I shook that thought off and climbed. Whether I die on the mountain or not, I have to try.



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